Step-by-step guide on how to find your G-Spot
for men & women


Before you begin your down under exploration, ensure cleanliness by washing your hands. If preferred, use a bendable sex toy in hand. Grab some of your favorite lube while you’re at it and use freely throughout. 

For deeper insertion, lie flat on your back with your legs in the air. Since the female G-spot is located on the roof of the vagina at a 12 o’clock position, make sure that your hand has full access while remaining comfortable.


In order to relax the body and create natural lubrication, begin stimulating the nerve endings with a gentle, external massage on the vulva.


By forming an upwards hook position towards your belly button, insert your fingers 2-3 inches into your vagina. You will immediately notice a difference in texture along the internal vaginal wall. If you feel the need to pee, try moving back to outward, warm up play until your body registers that it is pleasure time. Once ready, reinsert your fingers or toy.


Use repeated “come hither” motions with your fingers by gently stroking the vaginal wall. Always work in a position that is curved towards your belly button and not in a jack hammering movement. Repeat for as long as necessary and with as much pressure that feels best for you.


As you rub the tissue surrounding the urethra, known as the urethra sponge, will begin to swell until, an orgasm is reached. An orgasm from G-spot stimulation is a bigger, whole-body experience, where the sensation fills you until you believe you can’t possibly feel more, and then your body is flooded with another powerful surge of pleasure. You might have more difficulty identifying the beginning and end of a G-spot orgasm. Unlike a clitoral orgasm, there is often a long, gradual approach, and a long, slow orgasm, with a long, slow come down.


It’s important to note that not all women will receive pleasure from G-spot stimulation, as we are all completely unique sexual beings made up of different pleasure points.


If G-spot stimulation is right for you, here are some suggested sex positions:
Doggy Style
Closed Missionary Position


Before you begin, ensure cleanliness and safety by washing your hands and trimming your fingernails. If you prefer not to use your hands, a prostate massager is a great alternative. Grab your favorite lube beforehand as it will allow for the most comfortable insertion.


For easier access to your anus, lie comfortably on your backbuttocks. 


Begin by stimulating the nerve endings of the perineum, commonly referred to as “the taint”, which is located between the testicles and the anus. This will allow your body to recognize that it is play time, and will lead to an easier transition. 


When you begin to feel pleasure from the external massage, insert one lubricated finger into your rectum, up towards your belly button. You should be able to feel your prostate within the first two inches. Described as a walnut sized sphere, it shouldn’t be hard to miss!


Wiggle your finger or the prostate massager around to explore which points feel best for you. By pressing on and massaging the prostate until it feels most pleasurable, you will successfully locate your G-spot! As the center of the G-spot can be extremely sensitive to most men and cause a pleasurable experience to become painful, it is important to rub along the edges instead and avoid the center. What a mood killer! 


An internal orgasm, as opposed to a penile stimulation orgasm, is experienced as a whole body sensation rather than the more common isolated orgasm during PIV (penis in vagina) sex or masturbation. It’s important to note that penis stimulation is not necessary in order to reach a climactic G-spot orgasm…but to each their own. Have fun with it!

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