Born and raised in Miami, Avril has always had a passion for women's issues, politics, and the availability of comprehensive sex education. She has a Master’s degree in Clinical Sexology from the University of Valencia. She has worked as a Sex Educator and Sex Therapist for adolescents and adults in Barcelona, Ibiza and Miami. She has collaborated in the past with The Standard, VICE, and Soho House - to name a few. Her interests include the effects comprehensive sex education has on the behaviors and attitudes towards sex of adolescents, the sexual benefits of cannabis and the practice of 'mindfulsex'. In the summer of 2019, she led the international expansion of Sex Academy, organizing the recruitment of educators, marketing and promotion of Sex Academy International events in the United States. 

She is now the Project Manager for Erika Lust Films' non-profit project The Porn Conversation which is dedicated to increasing the availability of sex-positive educational tools for parents and educators to provide younger generations comprehensive sex education at home and in school.